Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blog #4

How do you think social media will change in the future? What other trends would you add to the mix? Are there any specific technologies that you think will gain popularity or emerge?

First off, this are some very tough questions to blog about; unfortunately, I have little knowledge or imagination for the next NEW innovation when it comes to technology or new trends, so for this I have little to no idea what is next to come.  But, I will attempt to answer these questions in my own opinion, to the best of my ability!

One of my biggest issues with social media applications right now, is my right to privacy.  I don’t like that people can easily access my accounts externally and even internally, I don’t like people knowing my personal business, and my whereabouts; so, with that said, I hope social media applications in the future will give more privacy controls so that individuals such as myself feel secure when using the application.  I foresee the current social media applications such as Facebook, becoming even more difficult to use and “hi-tech,” but I would like for these applications to be more customizable so that the users may make them creative to professional.  Facebook is a good place to host your business information, but it is not very professional, so updating the application for business profiles would be a great.  Other than that, I’m sure the creators of these social media applications will come up with new types of “Groups” or fun games, and what not with time to re-invent the site.

As far as new trends, I’m not sure what new “trends” are coming, but I video conferencing (especially Skype) has become quite big, so adding applications that allow users to video conference may be a big perk, or even to just add better functions and features to existing “Chat” options.  For example, Facebook adding “chat rooms” and video conferencing would be pretty neat, I suppose.

I’m very scared for whatever new technologies may come, (I’m not a “techno-savvy” person), but I can see social media applications beginning to take on features of even mobile devices, like Blackberry Messenger; instant messaging, with profiles, and you can see when the person reads the message, etc. and vice versa, being able to access your mobile device information through social media applications.  At this point I wouldn’t even be surprised if a business owning one of these social media applications started taking on different market segments.

Like I said earlier, I’m really bad with “new technologies” or “trends,” so this is definitely a topic I know little about, but I imagine whatever is coming next will come soon and then be “updated” even sooner.

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